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Jen Legal is a specialized law firm that focuses on company sale and purchase transactions

The law firm can also offer complex solutions in cooperation with experts in related fields, including taxation, real estate sales, corporate and organizational development consulting, transaction consulting services, and company valuation.

Practical solutions

About us

Our aim is to provide efficient and quality practical solutions with the needs of our customers in mind.

The founder of the firm is an experienced lawyer with decade of experience at international law firms and domestic and international transactions.

Within the field of business law, the office primarily provides legal advice for the sale and purchase of businesses, including the area of company sales and corporate acquisitions.


Sell side

Company sale

Participation in the sale of companies is a complex process consisting of many elements.

The sale of a company is a significant step, which is not an event that often occurs in the life of entrepreneurs, and which, due to its importance, requires special attention and expertise.

Although, as a seller, it may be tempting to focus only on receiving the sale price, there is a prerequisite for the buyer to understand the operation of the business for sale to the necessary extent and thus feel sufficiently secure about its investment decision. At the same time, it is also not advisable, for example, to ignore the conditions under which and to what extent the buyer can reclaim part of the purchase price already paid.


Buy side

Company purchase

When buying an existing business, or buying out a majority or minority owner, the buyer must obtain an in-depth insight into the operation of the company for sale within a relatively short deadline.

In this process, to a certain extent, the lawyer acting on the buy side is also the eyes of the buyer of the company.

At the same time, the investor wishes to obtain adequate guarantees in exchange for the purchase price paid.

The benefit of effective advice that takes into account the requirements and interests of the buyer is independent of whether the buyer is buying a company for the first time, or whether the expansion through acquisitions (M&A) is one of the sources of the growth of the company of the buyer.



Corporate Restructuring

The restructuring of a company or a group of companies, regardless of whether it operates in the form of a private company limited by shares or a limited liability company, can take place for a number of reasons, either during the preparation for the sale of the company, or after the purchase of the company, or even without a direct contact with the transfer of the company.

Regardless of whether the goal of the restructuring is more efficient operation, separation of certain activities, more appropriate representation of the ownership interests, implementation of taxation considerations, limitation of liability or other, the expertise of our office is available.

adequit.com Partner

The adequit.com Company sales and capital raising portal is a service provider mediating companies and businesses for sale in Hungary, assisting in the purchase of a companies, and providing related transaction consulting, of which the Law Office is a cooperating partner

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